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A long overdue redesign of the corporate finance boutique

As a result of our platform we are able to work more efficiently and have a more scalable model. And not only do we charge lower fees. Also we don’t ask for onerous exclusivity terms nor tail fees. Below is an explanation of how this is possible:

1. Knowledge

We have real-time insight on activity of investors (deal activity on our platform and outside of it). Our investor graph contains the following info on each VC fund active in Europe:

— how active has the fund been recently
— sector and geographical expertise
— investment focus and areas of interest
— what companies / industries is the VC tracking?
— and more

Therefore, it is very easy for us to create a highly targeted and intelligent target list of investors.  All real-time data which we collect and curate with care and passion for tech. Our platform continuously collects data which in my previous career as corporate finance advisor we could only dream of having access to.

2. Self service model

We act as full-on advisor to our clients. But SaaS collaboration means we let our client work directly alongside with us, co-managing the project, providing full real-time transparency and dismantling any information barriers. The traditional way of working with an advisor involves weekly update calls. On our platform, the client simply opens up a project and we jointly manage that project in a single private workspace. At all times, our client have full knowledge of where the project stands and who is accessing data.

3. Scalability 

Our model is simply more scalable. We don’t need to employ an army of analysts and associates to create presentations from scratch. Instead of making ourselves look smart towards our clients, we make our clients smart. We own data which in my previous career as corporate finance advisor we could only dream of having.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us.