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100+ European early stage Deep Tech startups that raised funding in 2019

Deep tech investment continues to gain steam in Europe. In 2018, over €8 billion was invested in European startups with a deep tech edge. Since the start of 2019, over 100 seed & early growth European deep tech startups have been backed by VCs. Check the below data table for more information.

100+ European early stage deep tech startups that raised funding in 2019

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What is Deep Tech?

Deep tech is a subjective term, but useful and frequently requested, in order to group companies that use cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems. Examples include: artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous driving & delivery, space-flight, aviation, computer vision, speech recognition, AR/VR. We dive into deep tech further in our recent report with Tech Nation highlighted the UK’s leading position within Europe when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

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