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A record €5.5 billion invested European tech in Q2 2018 (full report)

So far 2018 has been extremely eventful for European tech and venture capital. Spotify and Adyen were the two largest-ever European VC exits. Other big exits include iZettle, Avast, Excusive Group. As a result, 2018 will be a record year for European VC-backed exits, with already €50 billion realised year to date.

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In the first six months of 2018, already 25 companies reached $billion+ valuations, which is as many as in any other full calendar year.

Meanwhile, investment in European tech continues to break records. An amount of €5.5 billion was invested in Q2 2018; the highest ever. This number excludes biotech. When including biotech, only Q3 2017 was higher because of Roivant’s $1.1 billion funding round in that quarter. When excluding the top three or top-10 largest rounds, this Q2 also reached an all-time investment record.

As a result, investment activity to date in 2018 is well ahead of 2017 (which was a record year itself). 2018 is also ahead of 2017 by number of rounds above €2 million (smaller rounds tend to be announced with delay, so it’s too early to compare those).

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