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The most powerful company data API is here

Since launching our API earlier this year, its adoption has grown exponentially (see chart). We aim to create a standard for deep private company information. Our dataset has grown exponentially as well to over 500,000 companies.

Our data sources are: machine learned data, hand-curation, and contributions from over 6,000 users (both VCs and founders).

Now, this powerful data feed is available for investment professionals to integrate into your CRM or other commercial tool, giving you unlimited access to:
– 500,000+ companies in 100 sectors and 10,000 sub-sectors
– Facts, KPIs and growth signals
– Sales (historical data and predictive algorithm-based estimates)
– 3,500+ investor profiles from seed to buyout funds
– And more…

The most powerful company data API is here

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Examples of public partner sites:

We offer various pricing and integration options; one for every budget. For more information or to request API documentation please do not hesitate to contact us. We are keen to help find the best solution for you.