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Geospatial data and map design upgrades

Written on April 20, 2017 by Yoram Wijngaarde

The way Dealroom collects, analyses and visualises geospatial data about startups, VCs and ecosystems is constantly being improved. For instance, we continue adding new features and better design to the geographical maps. The reason? Maps are very visual and users like them, especially at first sight, but we want to make sure they are also highly usable. The Dealroom map is not only available on our own website, but also used by various third-party sites as Ecosystem Solution.

What’s new?

  1. Charts: the left-panel now shows aggregate country statistics such as quarterly funding, funding by source country, and more
  2. When you click on an individual company icon, a right-panel appears showing a mini profile. You can open the full profile by clicking on it
  3. Various small other UX optimisations

Click the below image to check the latest map data live.

To learn more about Ecosystem Solutions please contact us now.

Dealroom premium: powerful search

Written on November 13, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

Dealroom premium comes with very powerful search, that is simple to use. This post shows you what’s new and how to get the most out of it.

Visit https://app.dealroom.co/companies to use any of the visible drop-down menus to select filters (or use the advanced filter option on the right).


Alternatively, you can also simply start typing, for example “Fin” so that possible filters such as “industry = Fintech” or “Location = Findlay” will be suggested. Click on each to select.


You can keep adding criteria, so create long filter strings such as the following:


Another useful tool is related tags. For example by searching for the tag “artificial intelligence” a few related tags show up, which can be added by clicking on them:

AI related tags

Finally, you can also opt to exclude certain criteria, for example, Fintech in Europe but not payments, by selecting the down-arrow on each selected filter.


All these filters are part of the Premium package. For only €2,500 per year, per user (€208 per month), you get instant access to our latest powerful search tools to explore rich data and analytics on over 500,000 companies. If you would like to speak with us about upgrading, please contact us.


Create industry landscapes: Grid View

Written on October 21, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

Industry landscapes are often presented on grids like these:


At Dealroom.co we never liked the idea of copy-pasting dozens (or hundreds) of logos onto a PDF. So instead, we designed an online interactive version.

Introducing: Grid View

  • Easily create and publish your own industry landscape (for free)
  • Each logo is clearly legible and links to underlying company data
  • Visitors can re-organise the Grid by adjusting the criteria in the top right (one 1 or 2 levels)

Screenshot at Oct 21 16-15-17

Here’s how to create your own industry landscape:

Step 1: create a new list or find an existing list on Dealroom
Step 2: click the VIEW GRID button (see top of Food Tech list)
Step 3: copy the URL and start sharing!

The Grid is part of our strategy to keep growing and improving user-generated content by tapping into the knowledge of the crowd and industry experts.

How to use Dealroom Widgets

Written on October 21, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

Below is an example of a Dealroom Widget: a mini profile which you can embed in your website, to publish info about a company. It’s easy and takes only a minute. Here is how it works.

Step 1: visit any company profile, such as CoContest
Step 2: click the share button top right
Step 3: copy the HTML snippet into your article (e.g. via WordPress)

Et voila:


The data comes directly from Dealroom.co and is automatically updated. It’s fee and easy. Here is a real-life example of the widget being used. 

Embedding lists

It gets better. Even entire lists can also be published. Here is how to embed lists.

Step 1: create a new list or find an existing list
Step 2: click the share button top right
Step 3: copy the HTML snippet into your article (e.g. via WordPress)

And that’s it! See:

Food Tech in Europe

Investor Finder Tool 2.0

Written on September 26, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

We just upgraded the Investor Finder tool in a big way. It remains a free tool for those seeking capital. To see how it works, a random example with french startup La Ruche qui dit Oui!

Who would be their most suitable investors if they wanted to do a €50M series-C round? Check to find out, and more importantly, to create your own target investor list:

Screenshot (10)

B2B or B2C classification added to over 120,000 companies

Written on September 18, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

Screenshot (6)

Dealroom now has assigned a B2B or B2C classification to over 120,000 companies, using machine learning and manual curation. Machine learning is an important part of our data model. Our algorithms learn from inputs made by users and by our data analyst team. We then apply it to our larger data set of “below the radar” companies.


Better Data via Machine Learning

Written on July 28, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

We are gradually adding more machine learnt data into Dealroom. By using machine learning, we’ve classified over 160,000 companies by industry and business model. Our algorithms scan each company’s website to identify words and sentences, to discover patterns, after being trained by our core data set of manually verified data.

For you this simply means: more and better data. This week we added a few tools to help you navigate this data even better.

The advanced filter now includes a Data Type filter, so you can filter by our three tiers of data:

1. Claimed Data = the owner claimed ownership of the profile

2. Verified Data = manually reviewed by the Dealroom team

3. Artificial Intel Data = identified by machine learning algorithms

In addition to these filters, each profile now shows a symbol next to the logo, specifying if the profile is “claimed” or “verified” or both, as you can see in the below screenshot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 09.04.14 copy

Amsterdam Tech Map 2.0

Written on May 22, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

Screenshot 2016-05-22 16.17.47

In 2015, the City of Amsterdam launched the first version of the Amsterdam Tech Map, a 360° view on the technology and startup landscape in Amsterdam. The map was part of the StartupAmsterdam initiative. The map and data were powered by Dealroom (we’re an Amsterdam-based financial big-data startup).

The map became a success by several measures. The number of mapped entities grew to over 1,000:

547 seed stage start-ups
266 early stage start-ups
83 late stage scale-ups
34 workspaces
25 accelerators
173 investors and corporates
312 funding rounds

Even more impressive, over 75% of these were crowd-sourced (“claimed”) directly by the founders. All data is fully synchronised with StartupDelta.org, which is also powered by Dealroom.

Amsterdam is now taking the map to the next level: from data visualisation map to a crowd-sourced community for Amsterdam tech founders, investors and tech-enthusiasts. Introducing: the Amsterdam Tech Map 2.0.

What is new?

  1. Sign in directly to the map (using Dealroom or LinkedIn), allowing you to claim your company profile, add new companies and make edits directly on the map
  2. A much faster overall site and better usability
  3. Easier filtering. Type any keyword and get instant results. For example: Fintech in Amsterdam
  4. Packed with data and analytics regarding size and growth, for example: Adyen
  5. News, powered by StartupJuncture and others
  6. More…

Additionally, the StartupAmsterdam team has access to a custom-built real-time analytics dashboard, providing insights about Startup growth, funding, hyper-local data, industry segmentation and other data for identifying trends and decision-support.

If you have any questions about the map, please feel free to contact [email protected]


Widgets: embed any company profile and list into your own articles

Written on May 12, 2016 by Yoram Wijngaarde

You can now embed entire lists of companies in your own articles and research. Here is an example of such a list:

Profitable companies
You can create and embed your own lists right now. You must first create a list. To create a list, just visit any company or investor profile such as Nuritas, and press the “heart” button.

As some of you know, we already had the company widget which allows you to embed any company profile, such as CarTrawler below (and you can also see the widget in action in this Tech.eu article on Intuo).