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Dealroom growth rank, explained


All companies on are ranked and can be filtered by their so called growth rank. The growth rank is based on estimated website visitor growth (we use Alexa and SimilarWeb). Growth is calculated for the last 6 and 12 months, both adjusted for the base the company is growing from.

Estimated website visitor growth is a highly imperfect but still extremely useful real-time growth signal, enabling you to sort and filter companies by estimated traction. We recently made some upgrades to the algorithm resulting in better results.

You can simply add & remove filter criteria, to compare similar companies. Pro tip: estimated website visitor growth has proven to be a useful indicator for B2B companies as well, contrary to popular belief. You can also compare companies within any geography. For example: the top 10 Spanish companies by growth rank.

The algorithm and growth signals will be continuously improved. Stay tuned as very soon more growth metrics will be added (separately and as combined rank)!

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