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Dealroom launches in Berlin, with support from HV Ventures, Lakestar, Point Nine, Target Global, Hering Schuppener

Dealroom is launching a series of initiatives in Berlin in partnership with HV Ventures, Lakestar, Point Nine, Target Global and Hering Schuppener. The kick-off happened last week with a launch event hosted by Target Global to discuss Berlin’s global position as tech hub.

Simultaneously, we published a report assessing Germany and Berlin’s performance in tech on the global stage. Handelsblatt has already covered the report. Timing is on point: a few days ago Germany’s government demonstrated that it means business, announcing a €3 billion investment in Artificial Intelligence.

Report: 28 unicorns worth €106 billion

So far 28 unicorns have been created of which one-third reached a $1 billion valuation in 2018 alone. Foundations of that growth, sources of capital, venture backed exits and many more insights are included in the report.

€4 billion invested in German startups in 2018

The report shows that investment in German startups is on track to reach record levels, exceeding €4 billion in 2018. That’s partly driven by a few mega-rounds, more so than in France and the UK.

The full report is now available via the following link:




Access the data underlying the report

Concurrent with the report, we released version 1.0 of a new open-data platform to support of Berlin’s tech community. It’s already Berlin’s most comprehensive tech ecosystem database, providing hand-curated information on Berlin-based startups (3,100+), investors (650+), corporates (200+) and other entities. Free access is made possible by support from the same partners: HV Ventures, Lakestar, Point Nine, Target Global and Hering Schuppener.

Dealroom will keep growing the database on a daily basis, through dedicated manual research and automated tools. You can contribute by adding your company to the map. Entries are verified for accuracy, but there are no restrictions to joining.

Berlin ecosystem map

More than just a database

Apart from looking up information on companies you know, discovering new companies and catching up on investment activity, you can use various data visualisation tools to understand trends. For instance, he below chart show investment into German startups by investors outside Europe.

Investment flows

Another example is the heatmap, which enables you to easily review Berlin trends by industry vertical, business model and topic. Click on any amount to see the underlying deals.

Investment heatmap

As a startup, you can add yourself to the map to increase your visibility. Get started now!