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FinTech in Europe: any signs of Brexit impact?

The UK government just published its Digital Strategy document, outlining how it plans to support the UK tech industry post-Brexit.

Has there been a measurable Brexit induced slowdown in UK tech so far? A few reasons for the timing of this post about Fintech and Brexit. First, we are now well into 2017. Second, fintech is a special case, given London’s central role in the EU as financial hub. Third, this BBC post contains some convincing warning signs, both anecdotal and supported with data.

Time for a snapshot of fintech in Europe, using Dealroom Data until Feb 2017, with a focus on the UK vs. the rest of Europe.

FinTech in Europe

There seems to be no significant measurable impact on funding levels so far. But the anecdotal signs need to be taken very seriously. Brexit (and more specifically, policies or sentiment impeding science and immigration) will especially have potential ramifications for innovation over the medium to long term.