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€1.3 billion invested in German venture capital rounds in Q1 2018

Germany led Europe by venture capital investment in Q1 2018, largely driven by mega rounds like Auto1, Number26 and BioNTech. However, even excluding the top three rounds, German investment was at levels not seen since 2015 (the year when Rocket companies were attracting large rounds).

What could be driving this growth?

German venture capital has been active at a robust pace for the last years already. But now German venture capital funds have more capital at their disposal than ever before, as Dealroom’s New Funds data shows.

Additionally, foreign investors play an important role in these big rounds. Foreign investment into German venture rounds has been growing significantly between 2012 and 2017 , and that trend appears to continue in 2018.

However, he UK is not far behind Germany by amount investment. UK and France were also ahead by number of rounds.

Venture capital investment in Germany

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