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Introducing API: direct data feed into your commercial apps

Data from – the most widely used database for “all things tech” – can now be easily integrated into your own commercial tools, using our API. Here is a quick overview of what is possible:

Publisher API Sync
Publish complete tech ecosystem data (by city or industry) to your own audiences. Examples include: Radar and the City of Amsterdam. The nice thing: no coding required per se!

Investor API Sync
A feed directly into your dealflow management systems or CRM. Investors have found that our user-generated data, analytics, benchmarking and similar companies algorithm can greatly augment their internal CRM and deal sourcing tools (which are often Artificial Intelligence based) in a meaningfully beneficial way.

Advisor / consultant API Sync
There are a few solutions for advisors and consultants, for example:
a) custom feed into your internal CRM: discover promising client leads before your competition does, and quickly learn everything about them and their competitors
b) integration into client presentations
c) create your own client-login area: deliver more value to your clients, enable them to track tech industries, rising stars and disruptors most relevant to them, in your own branded client-login area (again, no coding required)

We can offer different pricing options; one solution for every budget. We are keen to hear your ideas and find the best solution for you. For more information or to request API documentation please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Introducing API: direct data feed into your commercial apps

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