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Mobile app intelligence: partnership with Priori Data

We’re very pleased to announce a new data partnership with Priori Data, the Berlin based provider of mobile app intelligence.

Here are a few simple example queries that are now possible:

Top 5% fastest growing apps at Series-A stage in Europe

Top 25% fastest growing apps in Berlin

Top 25% fastest growing apps in Europe without known VC funding

The App Growth Rank is a composite ranking calculated by Dealroom based on size-adjusted growth in cumulative app installs during the last 6 and 12 months. Each individual company profile (such as Telegram) provides the underlying data used (iOS and Android).

At the bottom of each chart, a link is provided to the relevant Priori Data app page for further information.

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About this partnership

Dealroom aggregates various growth signals to identify rising stars, to rank & sort results, and to benchmark peers and competitors. Until now, these growth signals primarily depended on website visitors, social media engagement and funding momentum. Being able to tap into app store data has always been high on our wish-list.

After an initial trial period with Priori Data (with outstanding results), we came away extremely impressed with the team and the data. For Dealroom, this partnership is another big step in overall comprehensiveness and value proposition.

If you would like to learn more about how the combination of this data can assist you, please contact [email protected]

About Priori Data

Priori Data offers a powerful market intelligence platform that enables companies to build long-term winning strategies in the mobile app market.

Utilizing a partner-first approach, Priori Data offers best-in-class data to provide a comprehensive picture of global consumer behavior with mobile apps.

Priori Data’s products give users the ability to track, benchmark, and research the performance of any relevant mobile app or publisher, delivering critical competitive intelligence and market insights.

With modular pricing and unparalleled service, Priori Data builds long-term relationships with the most ambitious companies on their path to mobile market success.

For more information, please visit