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Taxify, Voodoo and everything else to know about May 2018: a recap

It’s time for another monthly recap. May was the most active month so far in 2018: €2.4 billion invested and 166 rounds larger than €2 million.

Goldman Sachs invested $200M in Voodoo (Gaming), with undisclosed terms but likely a significant portion of secondary sales. Daimler invested $175M and takes a 10% stake in Taxify, which reached the unicorn status. But there was a lot more activity. The ten largest deals in May are shown below. A link to the full list is provided inside the full report (see bottom of this post).

So far, investment activity in 2018 is ahead of 2017 (which was a record year), as the following chart shows.

Additionally, May saw over €6.4 billion in VC backed exits. 2018 is on track to be a record year for European exits with €44 billion in exit value so far (more than half of which from Spotify).

Everything you need to know about European tech in the past month is in this report:

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