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Online Travel Industry Report: a Sneak Preview

In a few days from now, we will release our first industry paper, all about online travel: new developments, identified opportunities and companies to watch. The scope is global, but with a European perspective and emphasis. The primary source is Dealroom’s own database of 500K tech companies, plus industry research and interviews. In making this report, we received highly valuable contributions from over a dozen industry insiders, many of them founders.

In anticipation of the final report, we already share three curated lists which will be part of the report. Firstly, industry consolidators: corporates who have been highly acquisitive and active in the online travel space.

Travel Industry Consolidators
Secondly, a list of mid market online tour operators, with potential for exit. Mid market tour operators: potential exit Thirdly, a list of travel companies to watch, from seed stage to buyout stage. Travel companies to watch About Dealroom is Europe’s leading resource for rich data and analytics on private tech companies. We combine data and research to provide a 360° view on technology, innovation and investment. Natural language processing and algorithms are used to capture real-time analytics on 500K companies. Data is augmented by our community of 9,000 founders, VCs, accelerators, journalists. Founded in 2013 by a team with investment banking, data science and IT management experience.