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Part Two of The Journey to Series A in Europe: The Series A Landscape

In partnership LocalGlobe, we’re very pleased to release Part Two of The Journey to Series A in Europe. Part one, released last year, informed founders about raising a seed round and the journey afterwards. This time we’re diving more into the Series A landscape itself: top investors, actionable benchmarks and more. The report offers clear guidance on the profile of candidate VCs to lead their Series A.

In the report:

  • Series A rounds led by top 20 lead VCs has doubled between 2014-2018
  • Shift from Old Series A ($4-7m) to New ($7-15m) and Mega (>$15m)
  • London is the capital of lead VCs in European Series A
  • There are no (!) US funds among the top 20 lead VCs in Series A


Part Two: The Series A Landscape in Europe

Download the free 21-page report.

Download report interviewed LocalGlobe’s Saul Klein and did an extensive write up of the report.

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