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Some stats about last week’s launch

Naturally many people asked us how last week’s launch went. So here are some initial stats. Since Wednesday 23 October we saw 1,624 unique visitors, spending on average 4:47 minutes and viewing 5 pages per visit. Over 400 new “additions” were made: new companies created, ownership relationships established, teams expanded. The number of companies being tracked by other users grew to 11,364 as of this weekend (added to somebody’s watch-list). The newsfeed for tracking goes live in two weeks.

Much more important however, we were excited to witness incredible engagement by both senior investment professionals and founders of some of the greatest companies.

Users were predominantly UK, Germany, Turkey and Spain based.

Obviously we have still a long way to go, but we thought these are encouraging stats for our first three days. We realise that the success of our platform is completely dependent on the willingness of our users to add content and on their engagement with other users.