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The five most popular Dealroom reports of 2018

#5 Dealroom launches in Berlin

Dealroom is launching a series of initiatives in Berlin in partnership with HV Ventures, Lakestar, Point Nine, Target Global and Hering Schuppener. The kick-off happened with a launch event hosted by Target Global to discuss Berlin’s global position as tech hub.

Simultaneously, we published a report assessing Germany and Berlin’s performance in tech on the global stage. Handelsblatt extensively covered the report.

#4 Europe has created 169 Unicorns, led by the UK prepared a new report for Tech Nation and the UK Government’s Digital Economy Council. Dealroom identified astonishing 60 unicorns that have been created in the UK since the early 2000s. The UK has created 35% of all unicorns from Europe and Israel (60 out of 169).

#3 The State of Food Tech

The first ever deep-dive into the state of European VC in Food Tech. Presented to you by and Five Seasons Ventures.

#2 The Future of Online Marketplaces

After Uber, Booking, Just Eat, Auto1 what’s the next in online marketplaces? With $38 billion invested in online marketplaces in 2018 globally, new innovative models are ready to conquer new markets. In partnership with Schibsted, the European leader in online marketplaces, Point Nine Capital and Speedinvest, we published a new research report on the future of online marketplaces, focusing on Europe.

#1 The Journey to series A

In partnership with Atomico and LocalGlobe, Dealroom published a report on the reality of the early-stage funding journey in Europe.

Funding rounds are self-reported and labeled with no consistency. We applied a systematic re-labeling of more than 22,000 European funding rounds between January 2012 to September 2018 to allow for consistent and reliable comparisons.

The Journey to Series A in Europe