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The Danish & Nordic tech ecosystem: report by TechBBQ and Dealroom

TechBBQ is Denmark’s biggest startup & innovation summit. Over 5,500 attendees meet in Copenhagen during 25 and 26 September.

Dealroom partnered with TechBBQ by providing wide-ranging support: from research & insights about the Danish market to attendee mapping, powered by Dealroom’s API. We’ve created a new deep-dive report on the state of venture capital in the Nordics.

This region has rapidly emerged as a top-tier tech hub creating some of Europe’s most valuable companies, while also showing a promising pipeline of potential unicorns and investment activity reaching record levels.

In this report brought to you by TechBBQ and Dealroom we’ll take a closer look at venture capital activity, drivers, industry focus, notable companies and investments to present key insights on the current state of venture capital in the Nordic region.

Nordic venture capital report by TechBBQ & Dealroom

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