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Two New Features: Companies Nearby and Interactive Reports with Full Backup

Today we introduce two new features which are both a massive step forward in navigating the tech landscape, literally in one case.

Find companies nearby
As of today, each company profile shows a map with companies within a 1 mile radius. This will allow you to plan your meetings more efficiently on your next trip. It works similar to the way Airbnb or Booking show room availability nearby. The map’s user interface will improve overtime. And why not use Dealroom Premium to directly email those nearby company’s founders and set up a meeting? To see how it works, here are Boldking and Wrapp for example.

Our reports just got better
As of today, our quarterly historic funding data shows the full backup per individual round by country, city, industry, and business model. Just click on any Euro amount to get a list of the individual underlying funding rounds. Already Dealroom tracks more deal volume than any other data provider in Europe. Our open-data model enables us to get help from 6,000 contributors including founders, VCs, accelerators, local governments, journalists and even the European Commission.