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Where does Dealroom data come from?

This platform is powered by Dealroom. We combine machine learning and data engineering with user-submitted data via robust verification processes. You can submit data directly via this platform.

About Dealroom is the foremost data provider on startup, early-stage and growth company ecosystems in Europe and around the globe. 

We combine machine learning and data engineering with robust verification processes and a strong network of ecosystems.



Artificial Intelligence & APIs to harvest public information

We apply AI and algorithms to gather data from public sources such as: social media, domain & trade registers, job boards, analytics about web & mobile app usage, news articles in 30+ languages, investor portfolios

Mobilising the network of local ecosystems

Our local government partnerships form an interconnected network, sharing data & knowledge. We closely work with our partners on a daily basis. These win-win partnerships give Dealroom access to unique data and are possible thanks to an API-first approach.

Robust verification & validation processes

Over 200,000 hours spent (and counting) validating data. We’ve since always maintained extensive verification and quality assurance processes.

Data engineering & data science

A team of data engineers and data scientists applies state-of-the-art techniques such as machine learning and algorithms to create actionable predictions and insights.