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Case study: the Nauta Capital partnership with Dealroom on Retail Tech Report

We recently did a Q&A with Sam Ahmed, Head of Marketing & Communications at Nauta Capital, and spoke about our partnership on the Retail Tech report: “How European Retail Tech startups are driving the $26 trillion Retail R/Evolution”.


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What has prompted you to release the sector-focused report in the first place?

Although we are a sector agnostic early-stage VC, there are several themes we have invested in and have a ‘soft spot’ for. One of these themes is Retail Tech – but of course from a B2B perspective. So by partnering with Dealroom, we were able to release an in-depth and data-driven report providing useful insights into the whole ecosystem, whilst discussing the evolving nature of a $26 Trillion industry at the same time.

Why Nauta Capital has made a decision to collaborate on the retail tech report with Dealroom?

After researching various data provider options we found that Dealroom aligned and understood our vision for the report the most.

How can you describe the collaboration process between your team and Dealroom’s research analysts?

The team at Dealroom worked really hard to drill-down a loosely defined nature of the B2B Retail Tech. What’s more, the team were always on hand to suggest ideas and implement feedback.

How was the report received by your audience?

The report was well-received both by our network and the wider community. It also performed really well on our digital channels – outperforming other content we have created in the past.

How has this project helped Nauta Capital to strengthen its leadership position in the market?

It provided us with a valuable thought leadership piece which is unique to us but more importantly, it gave us a chance to shine the limelight on European B2B startups doing amazing things in their space.


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