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City of Cologne launches an ecosystem map, powered by Dealroom

Cologne joins Germany’s growing ecosystem solution of maps powered by Dealroom, being the 4th ecosystem to launch in the region besides Berlin, Ruhr, and Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The ecosystem is launched in partnership with the City of Cologne (KölnBusiness) and is supported by leading venture capital firms  Point Nine, HV Ventures, Lakestar, and Target Global.

The database is now live and tracks over 400 startups, as well as data on investors, universities, corporates, industries and more. Our aim is to build the most comprehensive database about Cologne to showcase the ever-growing landscape of Cologne’s tech scene.

You can contribute by adding your company or by sharing the database with your network! If you have feedback about the data, please reach out to us.


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An expanding network of local ecosystems

Cologne is joining a rapidly expanding network of interconnected ecosystem maps that are powered by Dealroom data. In Germany, the existing ecosystem networks are Berlin, Ruhr, and Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Outside of Germany, the ecosystem network includes La French Tech, Tech Nation, Startup Amsterdam and many more. These ecosystem platforms jointly form an interconnected network, strengthening each other in terms of data and knowledge. On a daily basis, Dealroom’s team works in close collaboration with these government partners to continuously further perfect these platforms, and discover new insights.


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