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Dealroom ecosystem solutions, explained

Startup Lithuania launched a new startup database, powered by Dealroom. What does “powered by Dealroom” mean, exactly?

  1. Your data is maintained daily by Dealroom; this means continuity post launch
  2. The frontend also is managed by Dealroom & regularly upgraded
  3. You retain control over your website. Integration is via subdomain* or iframe
  4. Customised branding, design and navigation
  5. Users can sign up to claim their companies and enhance data

In short: easy deployment of an end-to-end solution, without disruption to the existing website. The result?

  • A public comprehensive up-to-date overview of the current ecosystem
  • Valuable insights for policy-making: growth trends, employment impact, identifying success-factors
  • The entire ecosystem becomes more accessible to the global stage
  • More networking and knowledge sharing within your ecosystem

To learn more, contact us. Below are selected examples of existing maps & databases.

StartupAmsterdam (live since 2015, launching customer)


European Commission’s StartupEurope (live since 2015)

StartupDelta Netherlands (live since 2015)

StartupBahrain (live since 2017)


Techstars (live since 2016)

RomaStartup (live soon!)

Vilnius Tech Map by GoVilnius (live since 2017)

StartupLithuania (live since 2018)

Google Campus Warsaw (live since 2016)

Google Campus

iAmsterdam (live since 2015, iFrame)

StartupLithuania (live since 2018 iFrame)

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