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Using Lists and Saved Searches on Dealroom

Lists allow you to save your favourite companies or investors to your own curated lists and get notified of changes that happen to them.

How to add a company to a list and create one

To start a list, just click on the “heart” symbol in the top right of any company or investor profile.


Then, either select an existing list, or click to create a new list:


How to view your lists and edit

You can find your lists on the top right of the platform:


You can edit or delete your lists in the main list view. You can also make your lists public so other users can see the lists you have created.

You can choose to keep your lists Private or publish them to the Public. For example, here is a public list of companies that attended Slush 2016.

Saved searches 

To create a saved seach, start a search and then click the save button; give it a name and save search.


New: sharing private lists

What if you don’t want to publish your list to anyone, but still want to share it with specific people? This is now possible too. Open one of your private lists, then click on the “private link” button:

Bonus tip: to convert your list in a grid view, use the “view grid” link.