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Launching Europe’s Most Prominent Venture Capital Investors 2020

Long overdue, we’re excited to launch the third edition of Europe’s Most Prominent Venture Capital Investors. The final ranking will be announced in early 2020. Until then, we’ll collect your feedback and data. In order to create the most accurate reflection of today’s venture capital landscape, we’ve made some significant changes to the methodology.

Firstly, we’ve split the ranking into Seed and Series A investors. We’re leaving late stage VCs out of this ranking, at least for now. We will create a combined ranking later (we’re still working on a solid method to compare early vs. late investments).

Secondly, we are putting more weight on unicorn investments. Realised and unrealised unicorns are weighed equally (why: unrealised is unproven but more recent). Investors without any unicorns are ranked based on future unicorns (valued $250M-$1B) and number of investments in the last 12 months.

We’d love to hear your input and corrections on the data. Please contact vincent [at]


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