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Searching & filtering: important changes to free vs. paid features


At Dealroom we strive to provide maximum value to all users, whether you are a founder, angel, VCs, or corporate executive. After reviewing the way people use our product, we made some significant changes to the free version of the product. If you are a free user there is some good news and some bad news, but on the whole we believe this change makes the platform more versatile and accessible across our entire user base.

The “good” news: as a free user, you will now be able use the powerful search & filter functionality (see GIF above). Previously this was a paid feature. This will allow you to find the information you want with less hassle. The “bad” news is that we there is a limit placed on the number of results: up to 10 companies and up to 25 investors.

Faceted search & filter: the easiest way to make detailed searches for high-growth companies and their investors

To use this feature today, go to the keyword bar and start to type or select the tags you want to search with. You can combine any amount of tags, such as the following:

  • Industry (e.g. “travel”)
  • Business model (e.g. “marketplace”)
  • Head office location (e.g. “London” or “United Kingdom”)
  • Valuation
  • Revenues
  • Growth stage
  • Last funding round
  • Ownership type

If you would like to exclude any criteria from your search, you can do that too:

Start searching today