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The rise of Central & Eastern European tech (with Google for Startups)

Together with Google for Startups, we have published a new research report on the rise of Central & Eastern European (CEE) tech. It will be presented today (March 18th) at the Venture Capital Summit in Warsaw.

So far, 12 unicorns have been created in the CEE region, with a combined value of €30 billion. Most of the unicorns were founded in Estonia, Poland and Romania, but there is a promising pipeline of rising stars across the whole CEE region. Investment in CEE startups is soaring.

What’s behind this surge? Record amounts of venture capital are searching for new opportunities across Europe. And CEE is an attractive destination: talent is abundant with 6 out of top 20 countries that have the best developers are from CEE. What’s more, investment from outside Europe (Asia, USA and Canada) into CEE has doubled since 2015.

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Tech in Central & Eastern Europe

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