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Another bumper year for UK tech: $7.9bn invested and $40bn in exits prepared a new report for Tech Nation and the UK Government’s Digital Economy Council.

This year was extraordinarily successful for European venture and tech – Europe closed the gap on the US in terms of exits of venture backed companies. The UK saw $40 billion in exits from venture-backed companies, during 2018 – higher than any other European country. Furthermore, the UK has created more than one third of all European unicorns as we featured in one of our previous reports.

The UK startups raised $7.9 billion in 2018, almost matching the record levels set in 2017. While 2017 was skewed by a few mega rounds, 2018 shows distributed growth across the ecosystem with a higher number of total rounds.

This report is now public and full of new insights about the UK’s leadership in tech.

UK tech leads European success in 2018

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